A good experience at dentist's office in childhood can result in a great oral and dental health through the years. When kids have no fear and feel comfortable visiting their dentist, they are more likely to show up for regular checkups, cleanings and other dental treatments and therefore have an excellent oral and dental health for the rest of their lives. At Playa Del Rey Dentist, all the staff members and kids dentists are determined to create that good experience for every kid visiting our office. We have decorated our office with toys, we have the latest cartoon DVD's and a playground for kids to keep them busy while they wait for their appointment, which is not going to take long. Our tell-show-do approach reduces the fear of dentists and dental appliances in kids. Every dentist and staff member is experienced in handling kids behaviors and we make sure your little one is in good hands, has no fear and gets the best treatments by the best kids dentists using exclusive kids dental equipment.

Dr. Abbas Eftekhari and Dr. Reza Salmassian are the members of our kids dentist team. Dr. Eftekhari has been a kids dentist for over a decade and loves educating kids about dental treatments and equipment during their treatment, keeping them engaged and distracted from their fear. Dr. Reza Salmassian is our resident orthodontic and braces specialist. He uses the latest technologies in braces and designs the best course of orthodontic treatment for each patient to achieve the best results in shorter time and with the minimal discomfort for the patients.

Tell-show-do approach has proven to reduce the fear in kids. One of the kids dentists will first talk to the kids about the procedure. Then he uses the dental tools and shows the kids how the treatment is performed. The actual treatment will be performed only when the kids feel comfortable with the procedure.