Braces are more important than you think. They give you a more beautiful smile, but that is not the only purpose of them. Braces are quite essential in maintaining the best oral and dental health. When your teeth are misaligned and crowded, you are not able to brush and floss them properly, and therefore increase the chance of many dental and gum diseases. Also crowded teeth experience more wear and impose more stress on the gum. Braces can eliminate these problems by aligning teeth and jaw and moving them to a better position in your mouth.

Many patients are reluctant toward wearing braces and feel embarrassed by them. Latest developments in this field has transformed the old metal bulky braces to less heavy and less noticeable, even virtually invisible ones (Invisalign), eliminating the bad feeling associated with braces.

Dr. Reza Salmassian leads the orthodontic and braces department at Playa Del Rey Dentist. He has over a decade of experience in this field and is equipped with the latest technologies to treat patients with a customized course of treatment that meets their dental needs. He is one of the top notch orthodontists in Los Angeles and provides excellent treatments for the patients, ranging from simple short-term braces to complicated orthodontic treatments that need surgeries and long-term braces.

For our young patients, low-friction braces are usually recommended. They are smaller, less noticeable and work faster than the traditional braces, making it easier and more comfortable for the young patients to wear them through their course of treatment. Invisalign, the new virtually invisible braces, are very popular among our adult patients. They have no brackets, no wires and no ties and still effectively correct misalignments of teeth and jaw.

No matter what kind of orthodontic treatment you are in need of, Playa Del Rey Dentist has the best orthodontists and the newest braces to provide you the best treatments.